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HIITSTEP Instructor Training



• Teach online, in gyms & outdoors

• PPL & PRS free music

• No license fees for gyms

• Monthly releases

• Join a global instructor network

We have made the process of becoming an instructor straightforward. Our training will provide you with all the skills and tools required to become a safe and highly effective instructor. During your online training you will:

  • Health & Safety

  • Drilling the Moves

  • Coaching & Instructor Expectations

  • Delivering the Workout

  • Exercise Breakdown

Do I need qualifications to enroll?

In order to enroll in our course, we do not require you to have any prior fitness qualification. However, some gyms may require other forms of fitness qualifications in order to teach.


  • A Step

  • Positive Attitude

Pricing Plan

HIITSTEP Instructor Training

Price: 599 RM

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