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Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)


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Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) is the world's leading exercise mechanics course. 

No fluff, all facts; based on science- not social media. 

Understand how to analyze, customize, and optimize every single rep for every individual client and change the way you see exercise forever. Drastically improve your long-term value as a coach by deepening your knowledge of exercise. Eliminate egos, personal bias and learn how to objectively make decisions in the assessment and application of exercise.

Course Modules

  • Training Trunk Flexion

  • Lateral Flexion & Rotation

  • Introduction to the hips

  • Training Hip Extension & Flexion

  • Training Hip Ab/ Adduction

  • Training Knee Extension & Flexion

  • Multijoint Lower Body Training + Training Plantar/Dorsi Flexion

  • The Shoulder Joint(s)

  • Training Scapula Motions

  • Training Glenohumeral Joint Motions

  • Multijoint Upper Body Training 

  • Single Joint Upper Body Training

  • Triceps,Lats,Mid Delts, Rear Delts, Quads & Hammies

  • Leg Press, Hammer Row, Fly Deck, Pivot Push/Pull

  • Obliques, Abs, Hips

Pricing Plan

Resistance Training Specialist 

RM 2999, Deposit *RM 500

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