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Sandie Larah


Sandie has lived in Malaysia for the past 26 years and during this time has been actively involved with the fitness, spa and wellness industries. She has a bachelor’s in Health and Rehabilitation Science, is presently undertaking post graduate studies in Lifestyle Medicine and is a FISAF certified Personal Trainer, Aquatic Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and National Sports Aerobic Coach & Judge. 


Sandie’s journey in the fitness industry has evolved from personal trainer to a more specialised role in medical fitness. Qualified as a Cardiac, Pulmonary and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sandie’s clients are referred by medical professionals who understand the role of physical activity in the management and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and obesity, mental health and ageing.  


Knowledge and its application are essential for anyone entering the fitness industry. Sandie’s experience and understanding allows her to put theory into practice, a fundamental skill for all aspiring and fitness professionals.

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